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Project Description
With EPiServer CMS 6 it's possible to create a wide variety of custom property types that have customized settings in each usage. This Property Pack is a collection of some advanced and cool properties that are often needed when building sites with EPiServer CMS 6.

This property pack is work in progress. A beta release is scheduled in the summer of 2010. Currently you can download the source code and build it yourself in order to use some of the completed property types listed below.

Completed Properties:
  • DropdownList Property Type. This property type lets you build up a drop down list and define the options in the Admin mode. It will return the textual selected value in view mode.
  • Page Drop Down Property Type. Sometimes you want to limit the editor to select between a few given pages when they include links in the properties on their page. For instance if they should have the ability to insert a "Case Story" text on the front page it would be easy if they could only choose between a few Case Stories to link to in a drop down list rather than picking a page from the entire web site.
  • Validated String Property Type. The validated string is an extension to the regular string property type. The difference is that here you can specify a regular expression validation rule in Admin mode as well as a validation message if the text doesn't validate.

Property Types still in development:
  • PropertyList. Lets the editor add identical properties to a list. Like a Link Collection - but can hold any property type defined in Admin mode.
  • CategoryDropDown. Lets the Editor select from a branch of categories
  • ComplexProperty. A property that can hold a number of differently typed other Properties. E.g. an address - which holds both street address, house-number and zip code.

And more to come
We want your input for other properties you'd like to see in this collection. Or even better - if you have already made a property type that you use to solve problems on your web site and want to donate it as open source, this project might be for you! Request to participate in the project through Codeplex.

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